Movie Reviews 278 – Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

Scouts Guide to the Zombie ApocalypseLife long friends Ben (Tye Sheridan), Carter (Logan Miller), and Augie (Joey Morgan) have also been boy scouts for as long as they can remember. But life moves on and both Ben and Carter are feeling the strains of being uniform wearing outcasts. Besides, they’ve discovered girls. Trouble is, they have remained members of their pathetic troop, only themselves and the dorky scout leader Rogers (David Koechner), because of their sympathy for Augie since the loss of his father a few years earlier. But Carter has pressed the point with Ben and the two have decided to come clean with Augie and let him know they are quitting. As Augie is on the brink of receiving the highly honoured Condor patch award with only one more night camp out required, the boys plan to seize that opportunity to tell him. The timing however could not be worse as Ben and Carter they have just been invited to the “Big Party” that very same night. Even worse is the fact that due to a “janitorial mishap” at the nearby laboratory a plague has been unleashed on the unsuspecting town. Thus, making use of all their acquired survival skills, the boys provide viewers with the Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

OK, we really didn’t need another zombie movie this late in the craze, but while a lot of the tropes are just played out, there are a few good laughs, a few good kills, a touch of pathos and if that wasn’t enough they threw in a strip club with a zombie stripper just to make things interesting. But don’t worry, the brains and guts in this zombie fighting team aren’t the boys at all but the cocktail waitress (not stripper! Denise (Sarah Dumont) from the club who leads (and saves) the boys before they launch the final scout charge.

Some of the fun comes from the Dolly Parton worshiping scout leader and his home museum dedicated to the country star that includes a Dolly pinball machine. The opening scene with the pothead janitor who unleashes the peril while slacking on the job is pretty hilarious, but there are a few other decent jags and kills to keep things interesting. We also have the mandatory bit of teen love, teen lust, and teen coming of age. In the end the scout Oath prevails over all, including zombies.

So I recommend you watch this movie and earn your own Zombie Merit Badge before the craze ends. I think you have to watch at least 100 zombie movies for the badge, though. Going to have to check my 1976 scout guide book, because yes, yours truly was a scout that year. I like to think I survived that even if I had no zombies to contend with. But that is a different horror story…


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