Movie Reviews 245 – Room 205 (2007)

Room 205Scandinavian movies are known for being slow, atmospheric, moody, philosophical and sometimes even a bit smug and pretentious. The Danish Room 205 (original title “Kollegiet”) is none of these.

Instead we have a run-of-the-mill Ghost in the Mirror story that isn’t very original, low on scares or tension, and not only has the silliest ghost eradication solution, but a flawed one at that.

Katrine (Neel Rønholt) has just moved into a dorm apartment building to start her studies and tries to make friends with a group sharing the common kitchen. As she is moving her stuff into the kitchen three friends are making fun of the student she is replacing, Rolf (Mikkel Arendt). The tiddy knit trio of bitchy Sanne (Julie R. Ølgaard), hunkman Lukas (Jon Lange) and tag along dimwit Lena (Mira Wanting) form the obvious “In” crowd and Rolf never made the cut and has decided to move out.

The reserved Katrine tries to fit in and even thinks she’s found a new beau in Lukas when he makes out with her during a party, but by the end of the night finds herself is the butt of a joke when she is lured to Sanne’s apartment only to be scared by the whole party crowd. Worse, Sanne is now pissed with Katrine for making out with Lukas, a former flame. Katrine soon discovers she, like Rolf before her, is not part of the In crowd, getting the cold shoulder even from Lukas.

Sanne is living in apartment 205, one with a notorious history that resulted in the death of a former student and who supposedly once haunted the building. When Katrine accidentally breaks Sannes bathroom mirror, she begins seeing apparitions of a ghostly girl, and seeks out Rolf who she suspects knows more. When she does find him he confesses that he too saw apparitions and had in fact thoroughly researched the tragic history of the girl that died.

Figuring that the ghost was released when Katrine broke Sanne’s mirror in 205, the pair believe that the apparition is now hoping from one mirror to another as a medium and that that they must get all the pieces of the broken mirror and reconstruct it so that she may return to the netherworld (conveniently forgetting the fact that Rolf had the apparitions before Katrine even arrived).

Aside from a few jump scares and a negligible amount of student kills, this one falls as flat as reading Kierkegaard existentialist parables on a Saturday night. Their are better ‘room’ movies out there. 1408, Panic Room, Room 237, A Room with a View. Ok, maybe strike that last one.

The DVD is one of the Lion’s Gate Ghosthouse Underground horror series and as such contained a whole bunch of previews of other movies in the series, a few of them sitting on my shelves. I’m hoping they fare better than this one.


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