Movie Reviews 224 – Project X (2012)

Project XMove over Jonah Hill, Micheal Sera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse! Where Superbad was just funny, Project X takes that same basic story of three young guys trying to stake their territory in the teenage partying scene and raises the raucous events to a new level of insanity.

When I first picked up this DVD all I knew was that was going to be some ‘party gone wild’ movie and the first few minutes even had me worried that this was just going to be a cheap rip off of Superbad. Three young seniors want to party and two of them take advantage of the third when his parents leave the house for the weekend by coercing him into having a rogue birthday party. The ill at ease and unsure host Thomas (Thomas Mann) is egged on mostly by the boisterous Costa (Oliver Cooper), with ‘fat kid’ JB (Jonathan Daniel Brown) adding the last push to finally convince him.

The scene of the crime is a beautiful house with a huge pool, and of course daddy has left behind his precious sports car with the strictest ‘don’t touch’ instructions. Of course we all know the car isn’t going to survive the night and the house will be a wreck before end of the movie. But even so, the route from A to B is filled with unimaginably funny side trips to drug pushers and an party invite plan that goes viral. It doesn’t take long for the slow starting party to evolve into a category five storm of sizzling and intoxicated bodies and several war fronts with police, neighbors, irked drug front-men and a midget just for good measure (pun intended).

But as in all good movies, it’s not just the events, visuals or gags that make it exceptional. The main characters are fully developed, and there is a lot more going on than just the fun. The movie take a stabs at high school cliques, jocks, love interests, parenthood, and even explores the aftermath of the eve of destruction.

And to think when I ordered this movie based on the title alone, I was hoping it was going to be the Matthew Broderick space monkey flic. (Yeah there really is such a movie.) Sheesh!


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