Movie Reviews 219 – Fist of the Vampire (2005)

Fist of the VampireOverextended prologue scene. Pounding metal music. Group fight scenes that seem to pop up every ten minutes. Terribly underlit cinematography. Any of this sound familiar? It should because that in a nutshell was my review of Curse of the Wolf, from this very same director on the same Midnight Horror Collection: Blood Predators multi-movie DVD. So it’s no coincidence that Len Kabasinski delivers the same recipe for Fist of the Vampire as he did for lycanthropes, this movie in fact being made a year earlier and sharing a number of cast members. You would have thought that he learned from his mistakes here before repeating them again in Curse of the Wolf.

The hollow story is about a cop infiltrating an underground fight club in order to get closer to the ringleaders who are … you guessed it, vampires. But not only have these vamps been up to no good recently, they were also responsible for the grisly death of a family back in 1977 with a young boy as the sole survivor. Do I really have to spell out the big mystery of what happened to that kid? I figured it out watching the prologue.

This Fight Club with fangs just doesn’t cut it no matter how hard it tries. Everything is excruciatingly stretched out to the point of boredom including the scant sex scenes. Whether there is a fight going on or people are making out, I just wanted to shout “Enough already!” and get this movie moving on. And that was the problem. There was nothing to move on to other than yet more fights. There was a smidgen of hope when they started developing a love interest in the cop and another undercover agent, but that relationship hardly had time to develop and end up just as frustrating as the rest.


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2 Responses to “Movie Reviews 219 – Fist of the Vampire (2005)”

  1. Len K Says:

    thanks for checking out my flicks. hope you consider checking out the teaser for ANGEL OF RECKONING on youtube….big step up!
    Len K

    • lazaruslair Says:

      Trailer looks great. I hope my critical reviews of Curse of the Wolf and Fist of the Vampire do not deter you from making more movies and more importantly getting better. Feel free to let us know when Angel of Reckoning gets released. Trailer looks awesome.

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