Movie Reviews 215 – Vampire Conspiracy (2005)

The Vampire ConspiracyMelding elements of human drama is a basic ingredient of any decent horror movie. But when the drama overshadows the horror, as is the case in Vampire Conspiracy you have to question why the horror element is there at all. Worse, when the drama itself falls flat, you have a mess of a movie that can neither be described as a horror, nor a drama. You have a snooze fest.

Taking a page from the script of Cube (and probably another half dozen movies) the film begins with a group of people, all strangers to one another, suddenly finding themselves waking up in a desolate closed room. After the obligatory general questioning, arguing, finger pointing and banging on walls, a vampire suddenly makes an appearance and spews a diatribe which, in a nutshell is ‘you have to figure it out yourselves’ and then disappears as magically as he came.

Doors suddenly appear now and then leading them to rooms with one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues written on the floor (more on that later). The corridors are also teaming with ‘the undead’ zombies that the prisoners have to evade. As the discourse continues and people divulge certain aspects of their past, pieces slowly fall into place and they realize that their past lives are all related and directly or indirectly hinging on a drug bust gone bad. Are they all guilty of some misdeed? And what was the motive for the vampire to round them up as he did?

This really could have been a more interesting movie with a little more effort but many of it’s faults are unforgivable. For one, they couldn’t even get some of the Seven Heavenly Virtues correct (or keep count for that matter) so that whole McGuffin is nothing more than annoyance. Trying to imply that there is a complex maze of corridors with many rooms when the real set consists of only one nondescript room and a single cornered corridor filmed from a hundred different angles can only go so far. Sure it’s a budget movie, but you need more than ten feet of corridor and more than one lousy room to make the effect believable. But the worst part is the script which, often boring, also has a lot of unconvincing and out of character dialogue. I give them credit for trying to create full characterizations but as soon as the characters say things they obviously would not given their situation, all the effort falls flat. The acting isn’t all that bad, which is more the shame given the lousy script.

The only conspiracy here is how this ever became a movie. This is another movie from The Midnight Horror Collection: Blood Predators.


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