Movie Reviews 212 – So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993)

So I Married an Axe MurdererFollowing in the wake of Wayne’s World, Mike Myers’ “So I Married an Axe Murderer” was a disappointment at the box office and a film that has been pretty much forgotten since. But those fortunate enough to get their hands on this lost gem are in for a surprise. For one thing, this is 100% the Mike Myers we know and love for all his daring humour, comedic voices, and witty antics, not some watered down, phoned in effort. And the movie has plenty of surprises, all good ones.

Charlie Mackenzie (Myers) has a history of failed relationships. Whenever things get serious he ends up convincing himself that his companions are flawed for the most obscure of reasons. When he falls for Harriet (Nancy Travis) who runs an international butcher shop, he finally thinks he’s met the right woman. But when her profile and some elements of her past line up with a tabloid murderess on the lam, he becomes convinced that he may be her next victim.

The laughs roar right from the start of the movie as Charlie performs a beatnik poetry routine at a bohemian club, a routine he goes through for every woman he dumps. After picking up some haggis at Harriet’s meat shop we are then subjected to his Scottish family, boasting a portrait “Scottish Wall of Fame” (Sean Connery and Jackie Stewart being most prominent), while the The Bay City Rollers bellows in the background. This is where we are treated to Myers playing the dual role of Charlie’s dad, an raunchy old time Scotsman who walks around the house in his underwear, curses a blue streak and comically insults everything and everyone including all family members. Watching and listening to Myers play a bigoted Scottish fart is reason enough to watch this movie.

While not a perfect movie (I figured out who the real killer was almost as soon as the character appeared onscreen), it is undeniably a funny movie and has scores of well known comedians in small roles including Phil Hartman, Steven Wright, Michael Richards and one of my personal favorites, Alan Arkin. Arkin plays a mild mannered police chief to Charlie’s best friend Tony (Anthony LaPaglia) who joined the Police force based on all the cop shows and movies he watched as a kid. When the reality of what a daily cop routine is really like depresses him, he convinces his chief to be more like “the nasty loud mouth chief in Starsky and Hutch”.

One of the biggest surprises for me was the great performance by the charming Travis, an actress I was not familiar with and which I questioned as to why I haven’t seen her in more movies like this.

So the next time you can’t find your copy of Wayne’s World 2, or Austin Powers in Goldmember, plunk in this movie instead. You won’t be disappointed. Party on!


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