Movie Reviews 206 – Werewolf Fever (2009)

Werewolf FeverBrian Singleton may not be a well known name to most indie movie fans with nary a handful of movies under his belt, but as odd as it seems he’s had a tremendous influence on me. It was actually his first pizza-and-beer budget movie, Zombie Cop vs. the Alien Terror, that made me a fan. At the time I was not a fan and even barely cognizant of the shot-on-video indie film movement. An almost coincidental invitation to attend the Zombie Cop premiere is what started my fascination for the sub-genre.

It was actually a terrible movie but it was the realization that even a bad movie can have some redeeming qualities. The piddling actors were having fun and you could see the effort the filmmakers put in towards mimicking their big budget brethren. But it was the post-show Q&A with director Singleton where he enthusiastically detailed all the antics of rogue filming that made me a fan.

I first heard about Werewolf Fever when I saw the poster at a comiccon along with the prop of the severed leg roller skate which is featured on the movie poster. I think it was at the Ottawa Horror vendor booth, but I didn’t even know this was another movie of Brian’s. But it looked so cool I wanted to buy it right away anyhow, only to have my hopes dashed when I learned they had already sold out the DVDs. I only learned later on it was another one of Brian’s movies which was just salt in my wound.

I eventually did get a copy of the DVD and let it sit for a while. The trailer, which I had already seen quite a few times looked great, but at the back of my mind there was the nagging sense that the quality may be more like another Zombie Cop than the many great low budget movies I had seen since then. Yes, by now I had become a B-movie “connoisseur”and had higher expectations. I need not have fretted.

Set in a small town burger drive-in, the late night crew of the ‘King Burger’ have to deal with a werewolf who has his stomach set on a meal other than the burgers. It one of those “who will survive the night” stories with a few unsuspecting customers, a love-sick thugs, a red-neck and a surprise drop in by the boss. Needless to say there is a lot of munching going on and yes, you will see a severed leg roller skate do it’s thing (no false advertising here!). It’s all howlingly hilarious and well above miniscule budget quality with plenty of laughs interspersed with all the bloody carnage.

This is low budget movie making at it’s best. I highly recommend watching the extras on the DVD with includes a great “behind the scenes” short that is as hysterical as the film itself. It’s also a testament to the work and effort needed to make this kind of feature on a dime but with a lot of heart. Also be sure to watch the included short Death Trike another Singleton piece that stars another local budget film favorite, director Brett Kelly, still sporting has glam rock long hair.


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