Movie Reviews 205 – Rubber (2010)

RubberDespite the title, Rubber is not a movie about deadly prophylactics (Killer Condom is, but that’ll have to wait for another movie review.)

The road to cult film status is paved with movies that didn’t quite make the grade and Rubber is one of those films stuck in the rut. An accident if you will and the only viewers who will be satiated will be the Rubberneckers who can take delight in the carnage it has to offer.

The irritation starts at the outset of the film as we realize that instead of just delivering a straight up silly story about a semi-sentient car tire that kills, we have to endure the silliness that a group of people, binoculars in hand, have come to watch this travesty. Not only do we suffer their commentary throughout, “Where’s the tire now? Did it do anything?” but there is another faction of people trying to kill this mock audience of voyeurs so that the facade of this only being a movie can be dropped altogether. Confusing? I’d rather settle for a simple killer tire story rather than the movie-within-a-movie nonsense.

Director Quentin Dupieux shoehorns in a love story, (well, love in the sense of tire falling for a woman) but as tire stories go, this one is threadbare has no bite. Even the tire’s ability to psychically blow people’s heads off just seemed trite and boring. I usually go for this kind of stuff but the jokes in this comedy just fall flat, and in the end I found myself just … tired.

Now I wish I had Killer Condoms to watch so I could get this wretched Rubber stench out of my mind.


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