Movie Reviews 199 – Grité una Noche (2005)

Grite Una NocheI’ve professed my admiration for Adrían García Bogliano before, first for Masacre, Esta Noche (which he co-directed with his brother Ramiro) and then again for Habitaciones Para Turistas. Those low budget Spanish gems (also written by the Bogliano brothers) were refreshingly original stories that caught viewers off guard when realization set in about the true shocking circumstances of the protagonists found themselves in.

Unfortunately Grité una Noche (Scream the Night), filmed in the interim period, fails to deliver the anticipated originality and charm and opts for a mundane and simplistic ghost story. I actually enjoyed the non-cohesive beginning where we are trying to figure who’s who among a band of loosely knit girlfriends and school mates as they talk about boys, snipe one another and rebel as all teenagers do. We soon find out the relationships of the friends and family members including which have had particular experiences that will figure into the story.

Resembling more an italian Giallo at times with a spectre that sports a blonde wig and wearing sunglasses whose apparition keeps on spooking the girls, we slowly learn about a kid who committed suicide at the local high school. The movie then devolves into the mundane and monotonous ghost story we’ve seen a million times before, only done better. For this particular trip Bogliano could have learned a thing or two from the people who made the Whispering Corridors series.

The best this film could muster is a daring lesbian first encounter in lieu of any surprises or twists. Sorry Adrían, but I rate this one a pass.


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