Movie Reviews 186 – Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return (1999)

ChildrenoftheCorn666The last Children of the Corn movie I reviewed, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror was pretty brutal, but Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return manages to do the impossible and is even worse than that one. (And there are still more movies to go in the series. Eek!)

As per the title of the movie, they actually went and revived the character of Isaac (John Franklin) who lead the band of evil worshiping kids way back in the original Children of the Corn. And by ‘revive’ I mean that literally as he’s been asleep all the years since then (nineteen according to this movie, but more like 16 years in real time if you go by the movie release dates).  One of the long lost kids, Hannah (Natalie Ramsey), has come back to the town of Gatlin searching for her biological mother and she revives Isaac from his slumber the instant she touches him.

Hoping to spare her from the festering evil in Gatlin at the time of the children’s  insurrection, Hannah’s parents had sent her away when she was still very young. Only curiosity about her parents impels her to return, but she doesn’t really know much about what really happened in Gatlin. Supposedly her return was all some preordained event that the followers of the cult have prophesied and been anxiously awaiting. It’s also something some of the ‘good’ town folk have known about and been hoping to avoid.

The rest of this muddled story revolves around the prophecy extolling who will be the new ‘chosen one’ and ultimately wield the evil powers of “He who walks behind the rows”.

As silly as it sounds, Isaac now has an elder son who presumes to be anointed the chosen one, but he’s got other contenders trying to get in on the action. (But wait a sec, wasn’t Isaac just a kid himself when he went into the coma and he’s been comatose all these years until now? How is he supposed to have fathered a child along the way?)

I guess this can be considered a direct sequel to the first movie in that it is one of the few that actually features a recurring character. But at the same time there is so little connecting the two that you don’t really don’t need to have seen any of the other movies. This movie manages to be silly on it’s own and it didn’t take long for me to not care about who is the ‘chosen one’ or what happens to Hannah and her quest to find out about her family.

Not totally devoid of some entertainment, we have a yet another roster of ‘former Hollywood stars’ to provide some interest. This time around we have Nancy Allen (of Carrie and Robocop fame) as Hannah’s mom  and Stacy Keach as the town doctor trying to spare Hannah from the prophecy.

None other than Isaac himself (Franklin) is credited as co-writer of this made for TV slumber fest which explains some of it. All I can say is that I’m one movie closer to completing my Children of the Corn cornucopia. God, I hope the next one is better. It couldn’t be worse. Could it?


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