Movie Reviews 145 – Grace (2009)

GraceNot what I thought it would be, but a refreshing take on horror movies featuring babies. I’m not going to give away much with respect to the plot because this is one of those movies where figuring out where it’s going and what it’s all about is part of the fun.

A barren couple finally have some luck and expect their first child, but right from the start they are in for a bumpy ride. The overbearing and manipulative mother-in-law (Gabrielle Rose) wants to start directing everything regarding the birth and upbringing, but mother-to-be Madeline (Jordan Ladd) stands her ground and makes it clear that she will have a midwife (Samantha Ferris) who is a long time friend of hers.

The couple end up in a car accident in which the husband dies, and apparently also the child still in the womb. But Madeline convinces the midwife to allow for a regular birth rather than aborting the fetus and when the child is finally born she asks for some time alone with the lifeless body. Miraculously the child inexplicably revives, and that’s when things start getting weird.

The strengths of the movie isn’t really about the baby at all but the people surrounding Madeline. As the movie ended I realized that every character, even bit characters with perhaps the exception of the father, were all psychotic in one sense or another. This includes the hapless father-in-law, the midwife’s secretary, and a doctor friend of the mother-in-law. At the same time, the viewer is trying to find out what’s really going on with that baby.

I’m looking forward to more from director Paul Solet in the future as he was pretty tenacious in getting this movie done, and I like the end result of that tenacity. This movie gives Rosemary and her baby a run for the money.


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