Movie Reviews 137 – Habitaciones Para Turistas (2004)

Habitaciones Para TuristasI’ve already exclaimed my affinity for the Bogliano brothers’ “Masacre, Esta Noche” distibuted by Black Flag Pictures (Sv Bell) and made a point to visit the Black Flag booth again at the next comiccon specifically so that I could pick up whatever I could lay my hands on from this brother writing/directing team of Adrián García Bogliano and Ramiro García Bogliano (both write while Adrián does the directing). Habitaciones Para Turistas (Rooms for Tourists) was one title I picked up although being an earlier effort (the DVD says 2007, but IMDB lists it as a 2004 movie) I wondered if this may be substantially subpar to Masacre. Seeing that it was a black and white movie only fueled my trepidation.

It starts of with two girls who meet up while traveling on a bus to a small town. They find out that they both have the same ultimate destination city, but must first transfer to a train at the next town. When the get off not only are they told the train was early and they are stuck in town for the night, but it seems three other young girls were also hoping to catch that train. Luckily they encounter a young man who shares a house with his brother who will put up the girls for the night. But it’s not what you think.

While the girls are wary of their hosts, there is a far more sinister reason for their situation and what brought them all together. The Bogliano’s diligently give us small clues along the way but even when the girls are accosted within the house it’s not their hosts hunting them down.

While there is a lot of chasing, hiding and gory horror throughout the night there is a much subtler undertone to each of the girls characters. Even when the pieces all fit together and we believe we’ve reached the end of the story the script gives us one last horrific lick for good measure.

I was a bit concerned that this movie was going to take more of an avant-garde, read between the frames approach and at the start there are a few brief scenes like that. But once I’d reached the halfway point I was in for the ride and it just got better and better. Definitely another winner this Spanish duo. Gracias boys!


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