Movie Reviews 126 – [DVG] Ozone (1995)

Continuing with the reviews of the Demons, Vampires and Ghouls DVD set:

Ozone (1995)

OzoneDetective Eddie Boone (James Black) is having a shitty day. He and his partner Mike are tailing a small time junkie hitting a dealer for a score when things get hairy and shots are fired. In the ensuing barrage, the dealer gets shot, and Mike goes missing after following the junkie. Eddie’s boss is decidedly upset about the botched operation and suspends Eddie. Thus begins Eddie foray in search of his partner and the mysterious drug call Ozone that is making the neighborhood rounds.

What Eddie finds are zombie-like victims of the drug that sport pussing buboes reminiscent of the plague, entertain themselves staging caged arena fights, and who are all under the command of a demonic creature aiming to take over the world. Eddie himself has been injected with a dose of the drug but his transition is not complete, but enough for him to transform into a gelatinous covered, disfigured blob of himself at night.

The FX and makeup are all quite ambitious and while they don’t always work perfectly they still put this film way ahead of other miniscule budget flicks in their league. You can’t really complain when treated to both an exploding head and head run over by a car in the first 15 minutes of a film now, can you? I especially enjoyed some of early and dated morphing CGI effects, but the movie still has plenty of traditional, old school sleight-of-camera and good old prosthetics for the majority of the effects.

The timeframe of the production of this movie is also evident by the heavy Clive Barker influence with a few Hellraiser/Cenobites creature knockoffs that are only thinly disguised from their mainstream counterparts. I mean really, how can you have a head sporting extruding nails and not conjure an image of Barker’s Pinhead?

What I hated was the terrible film grade, lighting and the highly overused synthesized voice overs for the afflicted victims and the demon (another staple of low budget indie horrors). I hate it when I have to struggle to hear what these synth voices are saying and worse, that they all sound alike.

Often hindered by an awkward script, lead actor James Black shines here as Eddie despite some of the crummy dialogue. But overall, a decent indie flic.


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