Movie Reviews 123 – Father’s Day (2011)

Father's DayIt’s Father’s Day today and what better movie to review than the one that leeches the celebration’s title. Brought to us by Lloyd Kaufman and his Troma team, the same people who brought us The Toxic Avenger, Tales from the Crapper, and The Class of Nuke ‘Em High, this one was guaranteed to be bloody, disgusting, (or simply bloody disgusting) and most of all, fun.

This is a twisted tale of a legendary Father’s Day killer, a man who goes around killing men who are fathers, and Ahab, a victim who lost his own father to the killer and who then hunted him down for years. To add salt to Ahab’s wounds (sea salt I would imagine), Chris Fuchman (yeah Fuchman!), the reputed Father’s Day killer also set up Ahab to accidentally kill an innocent man which put Ahab behind bars for ten years and into self imposed seclusion after that.

The Father’s Day killings which have been dormant for years are suddenly resurrected with a rash of killings. Twink, a young rebellious kid, is brought in by the cops as a suspect in his own  father’s brutal murder. Twink is eventually let go and approached by a young priest, Father John Sullivan who wants to comfort him and offer solace. Spurned by Twink, Sullivan sets out on a ridiculous round the world trek to find Ahab hidden away in a remote cabin. Coaxed out of retirement to once again seek the Father’s Day killer, Ahab teams up with Twink and the priest to solve the mystery of identity of the the killer, why he has rekindled his spree, and finally to take him down once and for all. Quite an order for the three misfits.

The entire hunt brings us to various strip joints (Ahab’s abandoned young sister has taken to the trade), and we get chainsaws, toxic berries, satanic entities, flying hatchets and lots of maple syrup. The maple syrup content, while perplexing at first, makes sense given the fact that this is an Astron-6 production (and even credited as being directed by “Astron-6”), Astron-6 being Adam Brooks (Ahab), Matthew Kennedy (Father Sullivan), Conor Sweeney (Twink) and a few others guys from Winnipeg right here in the Great White North. But this is no mere vanity project by the boys as they deliver the goods (for the most part) especially given the reputed meager budget they had. The icing on the cake is the cameo by Kaufman himself as God and the Devil (you have to watch the movie to see what I mean about the dual roles) and if I may say so myself Kaufman really seals the deal putting in more than his usual few one liners.

My only problem with the film was the last act which kinda drags the movie a bit and ironically it’s the act which features most of the special effects including some ambitious claymation. It just ventures into some ethereal realm, straying too far what from what had been a semi-credible story with simple gags.

But this is definitely a great fun movie and dig that poster art.  Happy Father’s all you pappies!

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