Movie Reviews 122 – [DVG] Dead and Rotting (2002)

Continuing with the reviews of the Demons, Vampires and Ghouls DVD set:

Dead and Rotting (2002)

Dead and RottingThree beer guzzling buddies are goofing around when one of the group is dared to go to the reputed neighborhood witch house. It’s all good fun until the boys run have a run in with the witch’s son at the local bar while the crazy coot is lapping up his bowl of milk. Anyhow, one thing leads to another and the three guys hire the two local junkies to scare up the witch’s house believing they themselves won’t be blamed as the junkies take the fall. But the junkies end up killing the witch’s cat/son (I did say he was lapping milk in a bar and there is hell to pay as the witch goes after both the junkies and the three guys.

The good news for viewers is that it is at this point the scraggy old witch turns into the a young voluptuous gal in order to seduce the boys. And seeing that Debbie Rochon plays the part (even with a few scant seconds of boobage) makes it all worthwhile. You gotta love it when the punishment consists of doing the nasty with Debbie, again and again. At one point one of the boys is just too pooped to continue and comes downstairs to pass her onto the next fellow. Of course they end up paying for this at one point, but it’s hardly punishment at first.

Once again  the acting is pretty solid for the entire cast which makes this one of the better Tempe films out there. The gags and jokes aren’t bad either. The witch effects are decent although I couldn’t quite figure out the “Pumpkin” guys she conjure up. Are they supposed to be just helping hands or are they supposed to be the receptacles for the victims? Whatever. You’ll enjoy this one.


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