Movie Reviews 121 – [DVG] Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (2001)

Continuing with the reviews of the Demons, Vampires and Ghouls DVD set:

Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (2001)

Witchouse 3 Demon FireDebbie Rochon sealed it for me, and she pretty much carries this J. R. Bookwalter written and directed movie on her shoulders about a girl named Annie (Tanya Dempsey) splitting up from her boyfriend and seeking sanctuary with two old friends, Stevie (Rochon) and Rose (Tina Krause). Annie finds her friends videotaping some weird ritual with fake blood and a knife, but Stevie and Rose convince her it’s all just for laughs when Annie first questions them.

The giggly antics (and I do mean giggly in the best boobastic sense with these girls) continue and the next day all three decide to film a fully scripted ritual, complete with pendragon and candles and end up conjuring some sort of witch. From that point on we get the occasional mysteriously appearing “Witches Burn!!” message written in blood and all the girls questioning and confronting one another almost like a ‘whodunit’ type mystery.

The entire minimal cast comes through in shinning colors including Annie’s boyfriend who’s another prime suspect. Horror hounds will also be familiar with Scream Queen Brinke Stevens, but she adorns the evil witch garb and makeup so she is practically indistinguishable in her role. It got kind of hokey at the very  end once all the facts are laid out on the table, but getting there was pretty fun.


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