Movie Reviews 120 – [DVG] Demon Summer (2003)

Continuing with the reviews of the Demons, Vampires and Ghouls DVD set:

Demon Summer (2003)

Demon SummerIt’s hard to get enthusiastic about a horror movie when it takes over 30 minutes to even begin to feel a frisson of terror. OK, there was a tease right at the start for a few seconds, but from that point on it went to shots of a bunch of kids to another shot of other kids, all the while touching on teenage angst, teenage sex jokes, teenage drug use, and teenage… you get the picture. And this picture is just that, a movie made by teenagers and shot on video with the help of a bunch of friends and acquaintances as actors, producers, crew, FX, and whatever the hell else it took to make this movie. All I know is that as it approached the 30 minute mark I was about to hit the eject button, which is something I thought I was hardened enough after years of watching B-shit I would never resort to.

This is about some magical book written in foreign tongue that, when read aloud, turns the reader into some evil entity. With that one line description you can almost fill in the entire movie, starting with one of the kids getting their hands on the book, reading it, turning evil, and killing the other kids. Do I even need to tell you there is a bumbling cop in the movie? Yeah, it’s that predictable.

Now I want to encourage low budget, indie film making, especially by budding artists, but there is still a threshold of minimum expectation to be met. I think that every movie should have at least ONE new or novel idea that it brings to the table. I couldn’t find any here. I’m not going to complain about the acting as I expect lousy performances. I’m not going to expect more that red food coloring stained corn syrup substituting as blood, and more than Halloween novelty grade makeup and fangs. These are par for the course. But even the stilted dialogue should lead to something, however small, that we have not seen or heard on screen before. Anything. In this particular case, I could not find anything.

And for the record, I watched the entire movie, so there!



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