Movie Reviews 118 – [DVG] Bloodletting (1997)

Demons Vampires, Ghouls-dvd-cover-artReleased in 2008 from distributor BCI Eclipse, Demons, Vampires & Ghouls is a 10 movie multi-pack DVD box set that features movies released by Tempe Video (J.R. Bookwalter) some of which were done in association with Full Moon Features (Charles Band) and a few Sterling Entertainment movies thrown in the lot

This box set includes the following movies, that I will be providing reviews for, one a day, for the following few days. (Note that the last two movies listed on the box are Ghoul School and Demon Under Glass, but they must have slipped the wrong disc in during packaging because I got The Screaming and Hellspawn instead.

And we begin with…

Bloodletting (1997)

BloodlettingThis J. R. Bookwalter produced film is a tale about blood-lust, or so you would think. It’s a bit hard to explain without giving it all away, but let me explain the beginning and go from there. A woman confronts a serial murderer and during the confrontation states that (a) she tracked him down because he killed her friend and (b) she does not want revenge and instead wants to be tutored in the ways of serial killing. Yeah, I know this comes off as completely stupid, far fetched and quite frankly implausible on so many levels. But once that is all straightened out the film goes onto a fun and entertaining relationship development story that has the quirks one would expect of a ‘hands on’ course on how to murder someone in cold blood… the right way.

This light comedy works well because of two reasons, namely Ariauna Albright as Serina Stalin the wannabe killer and to a slightly lesser degree, James L. Edwards as Butch Harlow the seasoned killer.  As preposterous as the concept seems, they make it work and we’re drawn into how this is all going to work out.

Quickly dumping her old overbearing boyfriend with a bloody game of “This little piggy…”, Serina quickly moves in with Butch and begins something of an on again off again romance as she apprentices her new calling. But before long, heads begin to butt and for one memorable night, both go off on their own, each ending up having consequential (and bloody) evenings. The followup ending was both surprising, sad and yet appropriate.

Now there are a few problems with the movie that really bugged me not so much because they were plot holes, but because most of these holes could have been easily avoided with a little tighter script editing and a few minor tweaks here and there. But despite the annoyances, I give “this little indie” a big thumbs up (while I still have my thumb).



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