Movie Reviews 115 – A Fist Full of Fuku (2009)

A Fist Full of FukuWhen I bought an armful of Asian action and horror DVDs from a guy getting rid of some of his collection, this seemed like just another action film with the only difference being that this featured a pretty young girl striking a ‘fight pose’ that hinted it being an exploitation flic. But looking at the packaging closer, and now having seen the movie, there are so many oddities about this little movie that really set it apart from the common fare.

For one thing, there is no IMDB entry for the listed title at all which I found surprising. I thought I’d figured it out when I saw that the ‘Japanese’ subtitled version goes by the title of Combat Beauty but there was no listing for that either.  The box proudly exclaims that this is a double feature, but by that they just mean that the DVD includes both a dubbed version and subtitled version (which is what I watched) of the very same movie. Upon closer reading, it seems that this is really a remake of another movie called Combat Beauty, which means that there really should be two IMDB listings under that title. I also noticed that the character in the movie is called Fuki, not Fuku, but there was nothing under that name of “A Fist Full of Fuki” either. OK, so I have no history whatsoever for this movie.

But what really got me curious was a picture on the back of the DVD box that included a trio of full face masked Mexican luchadors. That’s right, Mexican wrestlers feature prominently as henchmen wreaking havoc on a father and son run noodle shop until broke and destitute young Fuki (who quite frankly is stealing her own meal from the shop) comes to their rescue.  This movie is all about Fuki, or more accurately her highly exposed ass as she trounces the Luchadors and their dental hygiene deprived, grimy leaders.

This is really a ‘zero budget’ videotaped film, hastily filmed in glorious 4:3 ratio, just going from one ‘up skirt’ prolonged fight scene to the next without an ounce of character background or development. We know Fuki can kick ass (as well as show her own ass), but we don’t know where she came from or anything else. As pitiful as all that sounds, the fighting, while sometimes ambitiously choreographed, was dreadfully faked. The prolonged punch scenes (at one point Fuki must have received a dozen in steady succession) are so lame you can see the foot wide gap between the recipients and their victims. No professional stunt fighters here.

So if you are content at just ogling Fuki’s jiggling ass (for the record, I was), then this movie is for you. Any expectations beyond that and you’d better skip this movie.


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