Movie Reviews 112 – Masacre, Esta Noche (2009)

Masacre, Esta NocheAh! A true Diamond in the Rough, “Masacre Esta Noche” (Watch’em Die) is gem of a find in the indie, low budget horror bins. Recommended by Black Flag Picture’s very own Sv Bell while trying to decide on which movie of their offerings I should try next, I was not disappointed.

A young filmmaker needs more money to finish a film project he has been working on for two years. While pitching his film to a producer and lamenting the fact that he still needs more money to get the film finished, the producer mentions that a cameraman recently quit unexpectedly on another job, and that if he could handle the cameraman job, he could make a few quick bucks. Setting up his equipment for the gig at a remote country house and meeting an old actor friend who will be appearing in the movie, it seems like its going to be some low brow porno, which seemed seedy but fine for a quick nights work.

But as the first scene is being shot our filmmaker is horrified to realize this is a snuff production when at the last moment another actor wielding an axe suddenly decapitates the actress in the scene. Trembling with fear the others suddenly realize that the new cameraman wasn’t quite filled in on the details of the job. But they haven’t too much time to argue the point as the backers of the film have set a strict timeline and they have to finish the film that night. Needless to say, it’s going to be a long night and we get to shares our filmmaker’s plight as he wrestles with decisions throughout the ordeal. Things get especially interesting when the next nubile victim has to be drugged to continue the shoot and opportunities for escape are within grasp.

The filmmaker has to deal with a director that, much like himself, just wants to finish off his latest oeuvre, his friend the aging porn actor, a wacko killer that completes the deal in snuff scenes, and the hired hand to make sure everything continues so that the film gets made on time.  A great cast of characters, each with their own take on the situation they are faced with in the awkward standoff. Intense and solidly acted, the script is sometimes peppered with a few black gags to go along with the ever building tension as fortunes change and things get bloodier throughout the night. Plenty of blood and mostly credible effects cap off this great movie.

My one beef is the silly ending that goes off in a much stranger direction than anything even hinted at in the movie rather than just playing it ‘straight’. But those last few minutes can’t spoil what it an otherwise fine movie.

I will be keeping my eye out for more of these movies from co-producers Paura Flics (Argentina) and Mobido films (Mexico) and the co-directing brother team of Adrián García Bogliano and Ramiro García Bogliano.


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