Movie Reviews 92 – Mimic 2 (2001)

Mimic2As you can imagine, the artificially created mutant strain of roaches/creatures featured in Mimic are still alive after all. But this time the Judas bugs seem to haunt the halls of a small elementary school as much as New York’s deepest depths. But they are closer to achieving their goal of infiltrating mankind.

A string of three bizarre murders where the victims are all found faceless puts police detective Klaski (Bruno Campos) hot on the trail of the bugs, but his initial suspect is anything but. It is the cute elementary high school teacher (and world class bug expert) Remy (Alix Koromzay). This is because the teacher herself has had a string of failed romances and keeps a gallery of pictures of the men with whom she has had these romances. When some of the murdered men are also found to be in her gallery, Klaski has his prime suspect and  keeps close tabs on her for professional reasons as well as a developing personal interest.

But the fact that the men found murdered are also on Remy’s failed relationship gallery is no coincidence. It seems that the bugs have a special interest in her. Very special indeed. Although why she, above all others, was chose is never explained. The setup has most of the action taking place in the school itself, but in the off hours with Remy and two of her pupils. But there isn’t much to these battles to be especially interesting.

One of the problems with this movie is that you have to believe that a world class entomologist works as a high school teacher, much less why she is so important to the bugs at all. The one redeeming aspect of the film comes with a surprise ability of the bugs that, while hinted at, we don’t quite see coming. Not a complete yawner but at least if has a story, even with the many flaws.


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