Movie Reviews 84 – Quad Pack: Godsend (2004)

Continuing the review of the horror quad pack.

Godsend (2004)
godsendAnother movie with a great A-list cast that needs a better script and a better director. The wasted talents of Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romijn (she was still Rebecca Romijn Stamos here) will just drive you nuts in this excruciatingly slow and listless movie about a couple who loses their son in an accident, but are then presented with an odd opportunity to bring him back all over again.

The couple (Romijn and Kinnear) are more than distraught with the loss of their only son on the eve of his eighth birthday because she can no longer conceive. They are immediately approached at the funeral by an old friend of hers (De Niro) who happens to be a reclusive genius doctor who makes a proposal to implant her with a clone egg made from the DNA of their son. A hard decision for the father, but as the fast 72 hour deadline for the procedure to work nears, he succumbs to his wife’s pleas and agrees to the illegal and secret maneuver.

Set up by the doctor in a mansion near his facilities the boy grows up uneventfully and as full of life as his unknown former sibling. By the time he reaches his eighth birthday his parent have nearly put his origins out of their minds and the doctor is like an uncle to the boy. But just then he begins to have nightmares and everyone starts to worry. Some of his memories seem to be events associated with his ‘brother’ but others are darker and unexplainable. His character too starts to change and he adopts something of a mean streak.

Sadly, I could easily find an explanation for the ‘unexplainable’ and the only suspense thereafter was figuring out the details. But the ‘big picture’ was pretty obvious with just a little thought on the matter. I would not have minded it all that much, but the script was comprised of cardboard cutout characters and without any attempt at misdirection or any real mystery. The acting is all top notch, but you can hardly enjoy a performance of fluff even it was fluff done to perfection. Sadly, this movie is not a Godsend to anyone watching it.


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