Movie Reviews 80 – Omen IV: The Awakening (1991)

Omn iV - The AwakeningWith the antichrist Damien all done in for at the end of the original Omen movie trilogy the producers had to find a new offspring to be the Devil Incarnate. Now, did anyone say the Devil had to be a man? Don’t worry, I’m not going rant on the battle of the sexes, bring up some of the nasty bitches in the history of the world, or even play “Evil Woman” by the Electric Light Orchestra. But I am going to tell you that once again a childless couple ends up adopting a newborn baby when they fail to conceive a child on their own. And that, surprise, that girl grows up to be pretty nasty!

Everything is fine for the first few years with the exception of the attempt at a baptism and a few snarling animals.The first to clue in on the fact that little Delia (Asia Vieira) is not the sweetheart everyone thinks she is the baby sitter. Her bad vibes are confirmed when she and her boyfriend take the child to a psychic fair and not only do the regular performers start overloading their clairvoyant heads, but a kirlian photo shows Delia emits ‘negative energy’ unlike everyone else. Of course this leads to to the untimely demise of the sitter, but just about then Delia’s mom (Faye Grant) has her own suspicions. But as you would imagine, she can’t convince anyone which leads her to dig deeper into the origins of the child.

Some of the action and suspense comes via the private investigator the mother hires. He hunts down one of the nuns who was there for the adoption and who tried to warn the family soon afterwards. When she found that she could not come to warn them, she disappears and starts a cult of her own and prances barefoot in rattlesnake pits as part of her cult’s sermons. That’s where the private eye finds her and when things go wrong in the snake pit.

This was a made for TV movie which excuses some of the sub par elements for which it was highly criticized. But almost all is forgiven with an explosive ending that turns the story around in the last ten minutes and actually makes sense given some clues dropped throughout the movie.  But yes it does have some flaws and some silly stuff that you have to sit through including an obvious rip off of a death scene from the first movie.

If nothing else you can play the drinking game and down a beer every time you see an inverted cross. If you do, I guarantee your head will be spinning like those clairvoyants at a psychic fair with evil in their midst.


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