Movie Reviews 78 – Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981)

Omen III - The Final ConflictOur boy Damien is all grown up now and despite being at the helm of the Thorn multinational corporation he has his sights on higher political prospects, namely the ambassadorship to England, the position his father once held. Unfortunately there are two problems that have to be taken care of first. For one, those Seven Daggers of Meggido, the only things that can kill Damien mind you, have been recovered by a tunnel digging crew and to make matters worse they found their way into the hands of a group of priests who know exactly what to do with them. Oh, and the other problem that Damien has to take care of is the prophesied second coming of Christ, “The Nazarene”, which as you can imagine could be a pain in the side of Damien taking over the world himself.

Sam Neill puts in a nice performance as the adult Damien and I like how they have two ongoing plots side by side but the film is not without it’s problems. One of the inconsistencies that bothered me was the handling of Damien’s followers, all the way from his trusted right hand man to a throng of hundreds that are at one point assembled in a cavernous quarry to hear him issue his latest edicts. On the one hand he seems to control even preteen kids to do his bidding that goes as far as killing innocent children but at the same time he seems almost oblivious to the daily on-goings of his right hand man.

The seven priests with seven daggers angle was interesting despite the obvious outcomes of at least the first six attempts on his life. At least there were some nice ideas on how priests could corner Damien. It is here that we see the ‘cool kills’, a staple of all Omen movies.

Another issue I had was Damien falling for a woman, which really makes no sense at all since he doesn’t have any control over her. Apparently, love is blind even for the anti-Christ. Needless to say the woman plays a part in the final scene where Damien has his make or break moment with the last priest (final dagger in hand) and the anticipation of killing of the last child alive that could be The Nazarene. Oh yeah, keep an eye out for the new Jesus.


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