Movie Reviews 71 – Halloween: Ressurection (2002)

The eighth and final Halloween movie before Rob Zombie rebooted the franchise begins with a splendid lengthy scene in which we find Laurie Strode a patient in an insane asylum, apparently silent since the explosive ending in Halloween: H20 in which she decisively decapitated her brother Michael Myers. The clean slice in which we see his masked head falling to the ground seemed to end the franchise except for the small matter that we now find out that it wasn’t Michael at all. Oops. Using a flashback scene as Michael was on a rampage in the school, we now see that when he encountered one of the guards Michael managed to tape the guards mouth and then placed his “Michael” mask on the victim before he sets him free to roam outside on the school grounds. So it is the guard who then ended up chased and ultimately beheaded by Laurie. So not only did Michael make a clean getaway, but his sister killed an innocent bystander. No wonder she has remained silent and went insane. Or did she?

In a quick but brilliant transition we see that Laurie has her wits about her and is merely laying in wait for another inevitable visit by Michael. When he does arrive there is one final struggle and a fitting few final words to Michael before the character of Laurie (and the participation of Jamie Lee Curtis) is finally put to rest.

Sadly, once the opening sequence is done, the movie quickly devolves into a run of the mill ‘kids in a haunted house’ cliché. The kids are in the “Michael Myers” house on Halloween as part of some challenge for a wacky online video show. Needless to say, while they have some stooge running around trying to scare the kids, the real Michael Myers also shows up and starts killing.

The cast includes Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks as the people running the show and a young Katee (Starbuck on Galactica) Sackhoff as one of the kids. I only added that because there is really nothing of note to say about the movie itself once the meeting between Laurie and Michael is over. A sad way to end the initial movie run.

I’ll leave it at that for now as this last installment was pretty lame so I don’t want to risk piling more substandard movie fare by watching the Rob Zombie Halloween films at the moment. Someday for sure, but not now.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


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