Movie Reviews 69 – Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

A writhing woman is whisked away on a hospital gurney into the depths of a facility until she reaches a candlelit room of dark worship where she gives birth to a child who is immediately whisked away. Thus begins The Curse of Michael Myers (aka Halloween 6 if you’re counting).

The mother you see is Jamie, niece of Michael Myers, prolonging the Strode bloodline. A bloodline that Michael seems determined to erase. She was still just a child in the last installment Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers but she is now all grown up (and apparently knocked up). With the help of a remorseful nurse, she eventually makes a brief escape from the cult and Michael himself who is leading the chase, and manages to hide the baby before Jamie’s own branch on the family tree is lopped off at the hands of unkie Mike. Chalk up another family victim for Michael. Before dying however she manages to make one final frantic call to a radio talk show discussing Haddonfield’s murderous past. Her last screaming pleas on the airwaves are heard by a reluctant Dr. Loomis who ends up being pulled back into the fray upon hearing that Michael is once again on a murderous rampage.

Meanwhile other members of the family that adopted Laurie Strode, Michael’s sister, now live in the house that Michael grew up in, some not knowing its sordid past. A stranger across the street (in a strong performance by Paul Rudd) is more than the peeping Tom he initially appears to be. He’s actually Tommy Doyle (a peeping Tommy?) who was the little boy being babysat in the original Halloween. Knowing the family history, he’s been keeping an eye out on the remaining Strode family across the street, especially Kara Strode and her son. Eventually Kara, now with the aid of both Tommy and Dr. Loomis, must also contend with that son who seems to have a personal penchant for Michael while he and Kara are next in Michael’s sights.

The climactic point in the movie reveals the identity of the stranger we only glimpsed in Halloween V (hint, we’ve seen him before in the very first Halloween who happens to also be the cult leader that kidnapped Jamie and hid Michael for a number of years. The movie then offers up a lame ‘origin story’ of sorts trying to explain why Michael became what he is and tie everything to the cult.

Despite some of the silliness surrounding the cult aspect and trying (in vain) to have a plausible explanation for Michael’s hell bent behavior, it was a suspenseful film with some nice performances. Better than the previous installment in my opinion. I still believe that the story should have continued with Jamie herself, but that possibility is put to a final close here.

Sadly, this movie would become the last that we see of Dr. Loomis as Donald Pleasence passed away shortly after this was shot. Gone, but he will forever be remembered fondly as a staple in the movie series.

Before I leave reader’s off I should mention that there is a reputedly superior cut of the movie floating around, “Halloween 666”, A.K.A the producer’s cut, that seems universally accepted by fans who’ve seen it as the movie that should have been released theatrically. Gonna keep my eye out for that.


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