Movie Reviews 68 – Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)

Once again this movie takes up right where we left off in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. We see that Michael Myers, who took on a full force onslaught of police bullets when we last saw him, managed to crawl away in the underground pit in which he fell into. There he falls into a coma only to reawaken exactly one year later (ostensibly so that we can have a Halloween 5 movie.)

We now find young Jamie, who seemed to take on the mantle of psycho killer kid from her uncle Michael in the final moments of Halloween 4, in a hospital where she has been mute since the traumatic events of the year before. But she now seems to have a period psychic connection with her uncle, and has the ability to able to fully visualize his own sights when linked. Jamie can’t control or predict when she becomes “locked in” but she goes into seizures when she does. So her family and the cops get momentary but frustrating glimpses into Michael’s on goings.

I know it seems a bit silly, but one thing that bothered me was that we learn that Jamie only attacked her stepmother in those final moments of the previous movie, and did not murder her as we were led to believe. This drastically softens the impact of the event, needlessly so as her stepmother is hardly relevant here. An excellent opportunity is squandered to perhaps nurture the notion that Jamie herself, and maybe even the entire Strode family (we never did find out exactly what happened to Jamie’s mother at this point) may embody an element of evil. This could have added an entirely new dimension to the Halloween mythos. Oh well…

Once again most of the action is centered around Jamie’s older step sister and her teenage friends. The movie pivots around a renegade Halloween party the kids have planned at a country farm. The farmhouse comes complete with a barn for the naughty kids to romp in (and for Michael to exploit) and is coincidentally fully outfitted with video surveillance cameras. Just what we need to follow Michael on his latest Halloween eve spree.

I liked the brief intro scene that is a riff on the classic Frankenstein takes shelter with a Blind Man scene. Just like Frankenstein we see that Michael Myers can be a peaceful soul, albeit briefly.

An unidentified stranger wearing cowboy boots makes brief appearances throughout the movie, first arriving in town on a bus and thereafter appearing in the periphery of other scenes. The mystery is left open without any resolution at the end of the movie, so we know he is being set up as someone to be revealed in following sequels. The final effectiveness of such a character remains to be seen, but with nothing but glimpses here, he is just a needless distraction. Thankfully not much screen time is devoted to this plot MacGuffin.

The Halloween die-hards will be happy to note that once again Dr. Loomis is here to continue his never ending pursuit of his former patient. But I doubt that Donald Pleasance was too happy being there himself, obviously less enthralled by the script and only going through the motions.

Definitely one of the lower caliber additions to the Halloween series.


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