Movie Reviews 67 – Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

They added on “The Return of Michael Myers” to the Halloween IV title was much appreciated after the disappointing Halloween III outing which was complete disjoint movie in the series that had absolutely nothing to do with the previous installments or Michael Myers. Apparently original producer Moustapha Akkad bought back the rights to the series so that he could bring the series back to it’s roots and continue the story of little town Haddonfield’s notorious killer. For this, we should all be thankful.

We’re now 10 years after the events of the first two movies and we find out that Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is no longer in the picture (both literally and figuratively) but she had a child daughter, Jamie, who is now living in a foster home with a new family. But Michael Myers has somehow figured out that Jamie is his niece and thus the next family member to torment.

Most of the action is centered around her older step sister Rachel and her teenage friends. Jamie herself is a troubled child with recurring nightmares, but knows nothing of her sinister uncle or his past. On Halloween eve, Michael ,on the hunt for little Jamie takes on practically the entire Haddonfield police force right in their own station. Around this time Jamie and Rachel are rounded up and ‘secured’ with a group of others right in the home of the police chief. It isn’t long before Michael makes his way into the house and starts playing the kill-em-one-at-time game until the situation is finally appeased by Michael’s ever present minder, Dr. Loomis, now appropriately scarred following the fiery events in Halloween 2.

The finale provides two distinct tantalizing scenes. One in which Michael is dispatched into a boarded up cave hole under a hail of bullets never to be seen again, and a second one where little Jamie exhibits some shocking genetic lineage traits.

Not a jem in the franchise, but a refreshing restart that sets up endless possibilities for sequels. At least we’re back on solid ground after the last installment and, just like the movie poster promised, Mike’s back!


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