Movie Reviews 65 – Halloween II (1981)

The success of Halloween not only helped usher in the age of themed slasher movies, but also the tradition off firing of a sequel to cash in while the fires are still burning.

Halloween II takes up right where we were left off in the original Halloween. With Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) now in the Haddonfield hospital, Michael Myers makes his way there after eluding the search party combing the neighborhood where the massacres of the first movie took place. Laurie is in a coma at first, but even though the place is pretty barren (nothing like any real hospital today or even when this movie was made) Michael has to get in a few strategic kills before he can find her. And it is indeed she that he is out to get as we find out his past and hers is more than coincidental to his rampage. We learn about his past mostly through Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) who is ever on the hunt for his former patient and even Loomis learns that there was some pertinent information about Michael’s past was kept secret for all these years. But some of the buildup aside, there are a few cool if not surprising kills that Mike dishes out to the hospital and police staff. Only the second movie in the series and already so much of this was a riff on the original that it was surprising that the series did not end there. One lasting impact of this movie is that it is here that Loomis acquires his definitive scar that we see in all the following movies.

Not a monumental addition to the Michael Myers lore, but some layers are added and it a must see movie in the series. I wish I could say the same for the installment that followed this one, but I’ll leave Halloween III for another day.


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