Movie Reviews 62 – Predators (2010)

I was scratching my head when I learned that effete bodied Adrian Brody would be the star of Predators, which is about as far-flung as you can distance yourself compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Olympian build in the original Predator. Adrian Brody? Seriously? But having seen the final results, I’ve got to admit that the brains behind this movie knew what they were doing. Right from the very start of the movie we know that we are in a familiar jungle territory, but this is not going to be like Predator in many ways. For starters, the group of human combatants literally fall out of the sky, plucked from whatever and wherever they were doing at the moment. We soon find that most of those that fell out of the sky are all ‘tough guys’ of a sort and they slowly figure out that they are now the prey for the predator aliens that have brought them to whatever planet they were on. There are many characters similar to those iconic ones in the original, and plenty of nods and references to it. In fact, a passing mention to the events of that first movie is made, so technically this is a sequel of sorts. But in many other ways this is a very different movie and it has a bunch of twists and turns that I really enjoyed. We not only enjoy the traditional Predators as we know them but also a larger variety of Predator-like aliens. Yes, it is essentially a ‘hunt’ movie pitting the humans against the predator aliens, but the two predator species are themselves enemies of one another. I must admit that the one big twist was not that surprising but how it played out in the end was still interesting. If nothing else you can see for yourself Adrian Brody as the tough guy. Probably never see that again, right?


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