Movie Reviews 61 – Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)

After a brief opening sequence in which we glimpse giant winged creature attacking and flying off with a young farm boy, this movie basically develops into a prolonged attack on a busload of kids stranded on a remote stretch of a country road. The kids are those from a high school basketball team complete with cheerleader, a few friends and coaches, all returning home from a losing game. It quickly turns into a ‘do we leave the bus or do we stay on the bus’ decision as they see the creature perform his bloody handiwork on those unfortunate to leave the bus in the early goings. But it isn’t long before the creature starts probing the bus for egress and some fresh meat. Those scenes are actually some of the coolest as we get to see different facets of it’s abilities and some neat FX work. The surviving bus passengers are eventually aided by the farmer who lost his son in the opening sequence, the farmer having put together his own monster killing machine on wheels. I don’t want to spoil the winner in the Man vs Creeper battle, but do watch it until the very end when we are treated to a scene in the future enshrining the fate of the battle. While it is a sequel to Jeepers Creepers there is nothing all that special about the creature that we need to know to enjoy this movie. The tie-in is tenuous at best as the mythological aspects are not noteworthy. It’s a decent movie if you can get over the clichés, but then again I can never disparage a movie that has at least on decapitation scene. I also just learned that they’re finally working on a third movie after a ten year hiatus so may want to keep your eyes peeled for that one.



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