Movie Reviews 60 – Hobo with a Shotgun (2011)

The story about how this entire movie was conceived is almost as interesting as the movie itself. Back when Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez came up with the idea to create a Grindhouse double feature (Planet Terror/Death Proof) they took the opportunity to use faux-trailers reminiscent of the grindhouse theme as interludes between the two features. The Grindhouse theatrical release featured Machete (which itself has since been adapted to a full feature movie) and Werewolf Women of the SS (Rob Zombie) among others. But here in Canada we were treated to our own homemade Hobo with a Shotgun trailer. Needless to say that it was picked up and made into this feature film.

I must admit that while the concept worked well for a minute or two, I really questioned whether a feature length film could sustain the thrill of the moment that you can get with a snippet. Starting of with the inspired re-casting of Rutger Hauer in the title role, director and story writer Jason Eisener manages to take on an 86 minute rampage of booze, blood and guts that rarely relents on the action. Better yet, those calmer, bullet free moments are constructively used to frame a genuine story with other characters as colorful as the poster art. Do I even need to get into the story? It’s a Hobo with a Shotgun! OK, he’s a hobo that takes matters into his own hands after seeing corrupt cops, people who pay victims to endure pain, a pedo-Santa and every other sort of crawling low life you meet on the streets. He takes a young prostitute under his wing after saving her life but when things get worse on the streets he completely loses it and metes out street justice the only way he can.

With a limited theatrical release, you’ll probably have to dig this one up in the DVD bins, but this ones worth digging for.


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