Movie Reviews 58 – Critters 3 (1991)

Despite the ending in the last movie (Critters 2) implying that all the Critters have been killed, it seems that the Critters are still on Earth and Charlie is still hunting them down. We first meet him again somewhere near a rest area off a highway where some kids encounter Charlie, weapons blazing, after he has just tried zapping a few of them Critters. But one of the Critters has made his way into the undercarriage of a car to lay some eggs. The car belongs to a widowed father of two kids making their way back to the city from a vacation. They proceed on their journey, Critter eggs in tow, into the city where the family settles back into their rundown apartment building. But the evil owner is trying to get everyone to move out so that he can capitalize on the valuable land the rundown building sits on. He’s enlisted the help of the janitor to make things as bad as possible for the remaining tenants which goes so far as to killing them outright. The buildings owners son (played by a young Leonardo DiCaprio) is initially oblivious to his father’s nefarious intentions but his crush on the young girl in the family soon puts him on the right side. The movie jumps from apartment to apartment as well as every other nook and cranny in the apartment complex pitting the tenants, Critters and owner all against one another. It’s got that “*Batteries Not Included” feel for those who’ve seen the original concept of “aliens in an apartment building” only the aliens here are anything but cute. What can I say? It satisfied my Critter cravings for one more outing.


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