Movie Reviews 57 – Critters 2 (1988)

In this sequel to Critters, we find that Charlie is still traveling along with the bounty hunters in space when they get a call saying that they didn’t quite finish the job the first time around. Seems some of the Critters laid a few eggs before kicking the bucket and now the bounty hunters have to return to Earth to finish the job. Charlie, now part of the bounty-hunting team himself, is already worried that they will leave him behind because as he puts it “On Earth I was a nobody”. One of the bounty hunters continues to use the human Rock Star face he adopted in the first film while the second bounty hunter still has trouble finding a permanent face. But this is a good thing since the first full body image he adopts is that of a centerfold from a Playboy magazine he (She? It?) sees. So we’ve got one rocker, a ‘nobody’ and a naked woman who have to save the town of Grover’s Bend this time. Unfortunately for the townspeople the ongoing Easter celebrations combined with the Critter eggs being passed off as plain eggs means that a lot of Easter egg hunting kids are due for a nasty surprise. Once again, Brad, now all grown up tries to sound the alert until the bounty hunters arrive and once again they do almost as much damage as the Critters themselves. But in the end Charlie saves the day kamikaze style. While the Easter angle seems lame is does make for some nice laughs and lots of gore. I’m sure the church goers really loved this installment.



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