Movie Reviews 56 – Critters (1986)

Trying to latch onto the success of Gremlins, this movie (and later sequels) features porcupine-like space creatures with a mouthful of shark teeth that just want to eat everything in sight. They basically roll up in a ball to move around, but watch out when the stop because as they start eating they start growing, and fast! OK, there is bit more to it than that. We start off somewhere in an outer space penal colony where the ‘krytes’ escape in spaceship. A pair of faceless bounty hunters are set to capture the little guys who’ve now landed on Earth and are tormenting the Brown family farmhouse in small town of Grover’s Bend. Meanwhile the bounty hunters have managed to acquire human faces although this seems like a moot point as they don’t really try to blend in at all and it’s pretty much ‘shoot critters on sight’ for them. One hunter adopts the face of a rock-and-roller as seen on TV while the other has a problem and keeps changing faces, mimicking the humans he meets during the hunt. Little Brad plays the role of the ‘cute kid’ that eventually saves the day but it’s Charlie, the local town drunk and UFOlogist who ends up stuck on the departing bounty hunter ship once all the Critters have been killed. It’s a low budget Gremlins with a lot more gore.



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