Movie Reviews 53 – Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl (2009)

I was in the mood for some Japanese, over the top, funky gore, and when I could not find my Robo-Geisha DVD, I decided to watch Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (which coincidentally starts off with a trailer for Robo-Geisha. Grrr! Man I DO have to find that DVD!). It starts out pretty weird (OK the entire concept is weird, but trust me the start is even weirder than you can imagine) where we see the end of the story first and then jump back to see how it all started. The story takes place in a Japanese high school and the viewer is immediately informed that in Japan on Valentines day girls present a piece of chocolate to the boys they have a crush on. When one of the guys is presented with a chocolate from a girl, he takes a bite only to realize that it contained blood. Needless to say this has a profound impact (check out the movie title again if you haven’t figured it out already). Anyhow this is just a hint of the absurd things in this movie. I was originally confused by the “Wrist Cutting Club” and the Asian girl club that dressed up and acted like African American ghetto girls but, believe it or not, these fun but weird elements ended up being important parts to the story. And there is a story buried under all the insanity. In a nutshell, the movie is about two girls that out to one-up each other in high school, one being a vampire and the other… well again, just look at the title. But like most movies of this ilk, it’s all the loose fragments surrounding the main story that presents the main entertainment and the fun as the movie winds up to the climactic battle between Vampire Girl and Frankenstein Girl on the platforms of Tokyo Tower!


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