Movie Reviews 51 – Trailer Park of Terror (2008)

Trailer Park of TerrorThe opening sequence in Trailer Park of Terror features a pretty young girl obviously living in a trailer getting all gussied up and talking to herself about her beau and their upcoming wedding. As she leaves and makes her way across a trailer park compound she is accosted, verbally abused, taunted and mocked by every sort of stereotypical trailer trash you can imagine. The skinny motor mouth, overweight slime ball, rotten kids, enormous fat lady and even a hot Asian masseuse all pile on their degrading commentary as the girl makes her way towards the exit. At the periphery she finally meets her beau, waiting with a bouquet in hand. But some to the rednecks are not content to let the couple leave in peace and things escalate to the point that her impending nuptials are abruptly cancelled to say the least. Broken down she just wanders aimlessly down the road and until meets a peculiar stranger who sermonizes his viewpoint that sometimes revenge is warranted and the only thing you have left. After handing her a big ass gun, he vanishes into thin air. She walks back and carnage ensues.

We then cut to a minibus of troubled teens making a stopover at a small town dinner. Led by a young pastor, the ensemble of teens fill every category of teen with some sort of issue. There’s the thief, the sex crazed kid, the junkie, the disillusioned princess, etc. They eventually leave the dinner and have a accident on the road that brings them to our familiar trailer park in the middle of the night. There they find only a very accommodating hostess who quickly divvies up the group into separate trailer quarters and the fun soon begins when our original cast of trailer trash reappear in various stages of zombification and decay.

I really enjoyed the opening sequence and everything up to the arrival of the teams at the trailer park, but it did get a bit tedious once the gore started to flow. Some nice kills but you’ve got to endure lame dialogue and jokes as the massacre goes on and see who, if any of the kids or the pastor make it out.



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