Movie Reviews 34 – Jason stretching out

Jason Goes to Hell (1993)
Being used to seeing Jason as a seemingly immortal being after the many ‘deaths’ and resurrections in the prior movies, the brain-trust of the franchise (despite episodes of clearly brainless decisions in the past) attempts to once and for all kill Jason in the opening sequence by entrapping him in the crossfire of literally dozens of mercenaries spouting machine gun fire. The battle is topped off the with a final bomb splattering Jason’s body into smithereens before our eyes. His body scraps are all collected and sent to a highly secure morgue (a second home for Jason really) where upon autopsy analysis his heart begins beating again. The entire concept of ‘Jason’ now goes wonky as his essence and soul goes from one infected person to another. The movie basically captures a grand chase as ‘Jason’ jumps from one body to the next avoiding being caught. It’s certainly a radical departure from all the preceding movies but I kinda liked the change.

Jason X (2001)
Not just the milestone tenth installment in the Friday the 13th franchise, but this one can justifiably called “Jason in the 25th century” or even “Jason Goes to Space”. It’s all that and more. Seeing as Jason was seemingly indestructible, scientists decide to use cryogenics to freeze him for eternity. Even his last act before the frost sets in is to stab his last living captor, the pretty Rowan. But 400 years in the future, with an Earth all but dead, space faring scientist come along looking for old humans that can revived. The stumble upon Jason’s holding tank and the frozen Rowan right outside. They bring both bodies aboard their ship and revive Rowan, but believe Jason is too far gone. How wrong can they be, right? The Sci-Fi angle works surprisingly well and the kills are pretty cool. There is also a bit of fun with a holodeck to play around with and some nifty space maneuvers. Like Jason Goes to Hell before it, this is another movie that really stretches the franchise. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was why David Cronenberg would be making a cameo in a movie like this. If he was a closet Jason fan, then he’s out of the closet now.

Freddy VS Jason (2003)
More a “Freddy” nightmare on Elm street movie than a Friday the 13th “Jason” movie. Seems that Freddy is loosing his ability to turn up in people’s nightmares because the authorities have done a good job to make everyone forget he ever existed and if you can’t remember him then he’s effectively out of business as he can’t return in anyone’s nightmare. So Freddy decides to get the scares going again by unleashing Jason to the unsuspecting town in the hopes that trying to figure out who is doing all the killing will bring back talk of his prior massacres and along with it the fear and the much needed nightmares. Everything goes according to plan but of course Freddy then has to battle the ‘competition’ he’s unleashed. I guess that in a cash motivated Hollywood brain trust it was inevitable that a match up like this would eventually come along. But its not a noteworthy movie beyond the (yawn) battle of the horror titans.


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