Movie Reviews 31 – Chucky

Child’s Play (1988)
Who’s kidding who? Anyone who’s even mildly knowledgeable about horror movies knows that :Child’s Play” should really be called “Chucky”, the iconic ‘doll’ come to life. We’re introduced to Chucky when a small time crook who happens to know a bit about voodoo must cast a spell when he is caught in a cop shootout. His spell migrates his soul into the nearest inanimate object he can find. As all this goes down in a toy store, a “Good Guy” doll becomes the new vessel for the crooks entity. But once the transfer is complete and the crook escapes the cops, he finds out that he will remain trapped in his doll’s body unless he can transfer back out in time. He also learns that he can only transfer out into the body of the first person that he has told his true identity too, in this case a little boy by the name of Andy. When Chucky first kills Andy’s baby sitter, it all seems like Andy was responsible to the cop on the case. But the cop soon learns the truth and despite everyone but the boys mother questioning his sanity, the cop finally does Chuck in by toasting the little bugger. But does he really end the nightmare?

Child’s Play 2 (1990)
Chucky proved to be to popular a movie star and spawned a slew of sequels starting with ‘Child’s Play 2’. With Andy’s mom holed up in an insane asylum, Andy is put into the care of a foster home which is also home to a another foster rebellious teenage girl. Chucky has been given a new body by the makers of the ‘Good Guy’ dolls in the hopes of disparaging all the negative publicity of the reported antics of Chucky, as silly as it sounds that a ‘Doll’ was responsible for all the mayhem in the first movie. But once Chucky gets his new body, he immediately sets out the find Andy in his quest to get a human body back, and his murderous rampage is back on again. Of course no one believes Andy that Chucky is out to get him. His foster mom is played by Jenny Agutter, of Logan’s Run and American Werewolf in London fame. But she doesn’t believe Andy any more than his real mom. Andy instead gets help from his foster sister. Seems she wasn’t such a bitch after all. Hey, anything can happen in a movie featuring a homicidal doll.

Child’s Play 3 (1991)
Or as I like to call it, “Chucky Joins the Army”. Well, not really, but I guess you can say “Chucky goes to War”. Andy is now all grown up but he’s been sent to a military academy because of his troubled past, namely his insistence that all his problems, not to mention the many deaths that have happened in his past, were all because of a doll. Chucky is back because the former factory in which he was last torn to shreds (in Child’s Play 2 naturally) has been restarted and when they melted all his old plastic, his ‘soul’ ended up in the first new doll off the production line. You’d have thought that this toy company would learn from their experience in Child’s Play 2 not to recycle bad Chucky dolls, but I guess not. Since technically Chucky is now a ‘new’ doll, he purposely tells another little kid his identity so that he can once again attempt to escape his doll body and inhabit the new kid’s body. Andy is wary, but needless to say, everyone scoffs at his persistent warnings that a living doll is running around killing people. The climax comes to a head in mock military battle exercise in which Chucky has replaced one teams ammunition with real bullets. But, once again, Andy survives and the Chuckmeister ends up torn to smithereens, this time in a giant air conditioning fan blade. Like the previous Chucky movies, there isn’t a lot of gore, but absurd notion of a doll running around doing all the carnage is still inexplicably intriguing. But there is not much of anything new in this installation of the series.

Bride of Chucky (1998)
This movie amps up the Chucky franchise borders of reality, if such a thing can be done to a storyline that already features a live doll with a murdering mean streak. I thought I had seen it all when I saw the marionette puppet sex scene in Team America: World Police, but when Chucky takes on a bride, well, the consummation becomes, er, interesting to say the least. Even better is that Chucky’s wife, the longtime girlfriend of the former full human embodied in Chucky, is played by the real life full bodied Jennifer Tilly. She rescues the tattered remains of the doll (after his choppy demise in Child’s Play 3) and reanimates his buddy boy body citing verse from a ‘Voodoo for Dummies’ book. A few stitches to sew up the doll and we’re back to murdering in no time. But Chuck is not interested in love and soon finds his girlfriend in a doll body herself. Now there are two dolls looking for fresh human bodies. While it’s a bit over the top, the well written snappy dialogue makes up for strange plot. I also enjoyed the late John Ritter as a nasty sheriff (and if you don’t like him I guess you’ll enjoy seeing him die. See, everyone comes away happy). If that weren’t enough, the movie ends clearly with the sequel in mind. Seed of Chucky, here we come.

Seed of Chucky (2004)
God, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just say the series jumped the shark on this one. As some may recall, we last left off the series in Bride of Chucky with Chucky’s “wife” giving “birth” to another doll while in the throes of death in the final moments of the film. This last sequel opens in with this “kid” doll now a prisoner of some lunatic puppeteer. But as god is is my witness instead of making a creepy looking doll (as they did with the Chucky and his Bride), this one’s the spitting image of David Bowie at the height of his glam rock days in the 70’s. (No comments on 70’s Bowie, being creepy by definition alone please. We know. It’s just not “horror movie” creepy). And the Bowie styling is no accident or coincidence as there are androgynous puns aplenty and the sex of the doll is openly argued to the point that it becomes a major plot theme as the doll alternates between the names of Glenn and Glenda. Ed Wood must be rolling in his grave as the caliber of this movie is right up there with the director of “Glen or Glenda” own horrendous movies. We get to see a LOT of Jennifer Tilly in this movie. Get your minds outta the gutter, not THAT much of her. Although technically, when Chucky’s bride flashes her plastic titties they are inherently her boobies. While Jennifer was transformed into the bride doll in the previous movie, she actually plays both characters in this one. This is because there is yet another silly move in which the P.O.V. of the movie takes a step out of the Chuckyverse and we see them filming the dolls as animatronics as part of a movie movie, and the real life Jennifer Tilley is another star in the movie. Yeah, it makes no sense, I know. All of the silliness is self explanatory when I noticed that the directorial credits list Don Mancini, the writer of the series. Some writers, should just be writers. The only really funny puns that work are the comments Jennifer makes about her own acting career being down in the doldrums. At least she acknowledges the fate of this movie.


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  1. Joann Says:

    Omg I love Childs play it soo cool

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