Movie Reviews 16

The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008)
How many “The Haunting of …” horror movies can you have out there? Not enough apparently. But I always expect at least something new in all of these similarly titled types of movies so I watched this one to see what it had to offer. It started pretty slow with your typical teenage-in-crisis storyline the question lingered one as to what the real secret was all about. In the story a teenage girl who recently had her mother committed to an asylum after having attacker her has moved to a new house and school. Her father constantly tells her that she is safe from her locked up mother but something is amiss and the girl has some disturbing dreams. As the newcomer to the school she is torn between a hot guy in the ‘in’ crowd, and a loony bible thumping girl. As she approaches her 18th birthday her dreams intensify to the inevitable climax on her birthday. A decent enough finale that satisfied me.

The Ruins (unrated edition) (2008)
Despite the overused ‘kids on vacation’ motif, this is a pretty cool movie and offers up a pretty decent story. One their last day of vacation two young couples decide to join two German guys heading out to some Mayan ruins. But once they arrive things go really crazy. The group is forced at gunpoint by some locals to go to the top of a plateau and once at the top they encounter some evil forces. I don’t want to spoil exactly what, but the ‘evil forces’ are not at all what you’d expect. Its low on gore and not very scary but the plotting is quite interesting and there are plenty of surprises. Some of the effects are quite good but its the uniqueness of the movie that sets it above most movies coming out these days.

Mega Shark VS. Giant Octopus (2009)
This movie was all the craze this summer with the B-Movie crowd. The title pretty much sums up this CGI heavy production. Starring former debutant singing teen sensation Debbie (now “Deborah”) Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas, we get to see 2 prehistoric behemoths come back to life after being freed from a frozen ice field. The acting is terrible, the script is bad and even the promised fight sequences were weak. But you just have to love a movie in which a mega shark will leap to capture a 747 jumbo jet in mid-air. I ain’t shiting you. More unbelievable was the cheesy cheery scenes in a science lab as the protagonists set out to come up with a serum to save the world. They romp around the lab with smiles as they make one brightly colored concoction after another and all smiles turn to frowns as they mix their elixirs and somehow deduce that it is another failure. This film was successful enough to propel Ms Gibson into her next role in a movie called “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”. And her co-star will be her arch rival teen sensation ‘Tiffany’. I can’t wait…

Hank and Mike (2008)
A surreal world in which Easter bunnies (men wearing Easter bunny body suits) are really alive and work for the Easter corporation. After a night run in which they missed one house on their egg hiding task, Hank and Mike find themselves out of a job and have to deal with the mundane aspects of life like proving for necessities like food and shelter. Part comedy, part tragedy and love story, this is a weirdly fun movie to watch. While uneven at times it is fairly entertaining for the most part and outright hilarious at times. A great movie if you’re looking for something different.


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