Movie Reviews 15 – Blade

Blade (1998)
Decided to rewatch this movie as I am in the midst of reading Marvel Essential series of Tomb of Dracula comics which feature the original 70’s version of Blade the vampire hunter. Its a good movie with snazzy bloody fight scenes (if a little over the top), but there are lots of better vampire movies out there. Blade (Wesley Snipes), a half human, half vampire tries to rid the world of the nasty creatures of the night with the help of an old companion (Chris Christopherson) who also brews a concoction that keeps Blade from turning completely into a vampire. But as Blade’s body becomes acclimatized to the serum, it begins to loose its effectiveness. As a rule of thumb once a person gets bitten by a vamp, they will soon turn, so the best bet is to kill them immediately. But after one woman gets bitten one night, Blade brings her in to his hideout. She’s a hematologist and starts working on a permanent serum for Blade. Blade in the meantime is tracking a vampire that is seeking a long lost formula that will make all vampires virtually indestructible so that they may one day concur all of mankind for good. It all ends in one final messy showdown.

Blade II (2002)
I’m not sure why, but I was under the impression that Blade II was a sucky movie. Actually avoided it for a long time, until I decided to watch the trilogy in sequence. Now that I’ve seen it, all I can say is why the hell did I wait so long? It’s not a perfect movie by any stretch, but it does have a lot going for it. The never ending fight between Blade and vampires is interrupted when a new breed of creatures that feed on vampires forces Blade to join the vampires to fight this new stronger common enemy. But there are many questions regarding this new breed and where they came from. If director Guillermo Del Toro isn’t enough to entice you (for some reason I never knew he directed it), then the inclusion of Ron Perlman should seal the deal. Seriously, have you ever watched a movie with Ron Perlman in it that was bad? He can be in a stinker and still make it smell like roses. Like its predecessor, Blade II features a lot of fighting action. A LOT. And while all that fighting was great, some of the CGI effects used to create them were a bit unrealistic and thus made some of those sequences look cheesy. But all those cheesy fighting effects are easily forgiven when you see some of the novel creature effects. Now that I’ve watched Blade II, I can’t wait to watch Blade Trinity.

Blade Trinity (2004)
Blade is captured when his hideout is hit by a government tactical squad in which his longtime companion and mentor Whistler dies. Another group of young vigilante vampire hunters rescue Blade. But the new ensemble have to deal with a much larger threat than the common day vampires and the few humans that help them. A small group of vampires have unleashed the mightiest vampire of them all, Dracula himself, in order to strengthen their breed. The new group of Blade helpers include actors Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel, both of which are welcome additions and really spruce up the movie. Reynold’s many one liners are almost worth it alone. There is a funny scene in which Blade is handed a vintage Marvel “Tomb of Dracula” comic issue when questioning who this new formidable foe is. Knowing comic readers will appreciate the reference as Blade is a recurring character in that comic series as well. All in all, a nice finale to the Blade series of movies.


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