Movie Reviews 14

Poltergeist (1982)
Tobe Hooper directed Poltergeist but the movie, produced by Steven Spielberg has the 80’s blockbuster feel along the vein of all the other true Spielberg directed movies at the time. Part of the reason is due to the fact that it was written by Spielberg and has all the elements of suburbia that he liked to include in all his movies. A family in a new neighborhood development start witnessing strange goings on the house, but they ghosts have something else in mind and suck their little daughter into the netherworld. Its not a lost cause as they can occasionally hear her through the TV. Plenty of decent effects and a decent story.

Sleepwalkers (1992)
An early Stephen King adaptation. A mother and her teenage son come to a small town but they are not human despite exterior appearances. It’s actually never really made clear what these ‘sleepwalkers’ really are. They walk around looking human most of the time but can turn into these wolf-like creatures. The mother stays home deathly afraid of stray cats which apparently sense and seek out these sleepwalkers. Her son must bring her ‘food’ which are the local high school kids. The boy also has the ability to make his car look like any car he desires and has the ability to make both himself and his car disappear. At the end of the movie mother and son take on more alien-like appearance as their luck runs out. But the creep factor does not end there. The really creepy aspect of the movie is the incestuous relationship between mother and son. They argue as to whether they are the last of their kind or not. Regardless of ambiguity of the nature of these beasts, it’s a pretty good movie. Watch out for the King cameo.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
This movie still stands up after all these years. The ultimate ‘first contact’ movie. A great script that culminates in a extraordinary extensive final sequence of a dizzying array of spaceships and aliens. In the interim we get to watch Richard Dreyfuss being driven by an inexplicable urge to create flattened mountaintop creations in all his surroundings after seeing an alien ship. It’s great fun but serious at the same time. Great special effects but the star of the show is the real life Devil’s Tower in Wyoming that is used as the setting for the finale.

Skeleton Crew (2009)
A small movie production company takes over a mental institution to make a horror movie about some deranged doctor that used to work in the institution. As predictable as can be when some of the crew start dying for real. The acting is atrocious and there is very little excitement despite many lame attempts at building up the story. I just wanted everyone to die so that the movie could end on that happy note.


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