Movie Reviews 11

Let The Right One In (2008)
Kinda like watching an Ingmar Bergman movie, but with a lot of blood. A great movie that actually manages to show a novel side of vampirism. Part love story, part European film noir, with just the right touch of horror and gore. It’s the story of a young child vampire and how she manages to live a protected subsistence and her relationship with a young boy she meets when moving to a new apartment complex. Needless to say in such a film, the boy has issues of his own.

Turistas (2006)
I’d forgotten I’d already seen this movie before when I popped it into the DVD player. But instead of stopping and finding something new to watch, I was immediately drawn into the story like it was new. You’d think that the ‘young travelers meeting with trouble’ would be so overdone by now that any of these movies would be a turnoff but Turistas manages to give the stereotypical group of young travelers enough depth and interaction to make it all interesting when things start going sour for the group. The movie makers did an exceptional job at blurring the lines between good and evil. As the travelers in peril seek aid from locals and villagers, there is constant doubt as to whether their dismissal are borne of evil or fear. This ambiguity lasts to the very end. Even the outright evil entity here is tinged with a sense of revenge.

Daybreakers (2009)
What if there was an outbreak of Vampirism of such magnitude that most of the population were vampires and humans were nearly extinct? This scenario in which a ‘civilized’ vampire society have taken over the world plays out in Daybreakers which provides an almost serene vampire lifestyle. But all is not well as the vampires still require blood and otherwise face the consequences of regressing into bloodthirsty beasts. Sam Neil plays the head of a corporation doling out the last blood reserves (from a dwindling source of captive humans) and managing a team of scientists seeking alternative sources. That team of researchers is led by Ethan Hawke, a reluctant vampire who wants to save the human species. Reluctant to drink human blood himself, his world is turned upside down when the shortage of human blood reaches crisis proportions and he runs into a group of runaway humans. An enjoyable movie with a great cast (add Willem Dafoe to the list), a believable depiction of a semi-functional vampire society, a novel storyline and cool vampires ‘turning’ as the blood supplies dwindle.

Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too
Teen Wolf was Micheal J. Fox’s followup movie right after Back to the Future and major stardom. But this was a relatively low budget and not nearly polished endeavor. A boy, in the midst of typical high school crisis, learns that his lineage also includes lycanthropy. A problem at first, the boy decides to ride the coattails of his wolfboy persona, both in the corridors and on the high school basketball court. Looking back at it now, I’m a bit surprised at how cheesy it was. But for a ‘fun’ movie, it still has a few moments. The sequel, Teen Wolf Too stars Jason Bateman (as MJF was now in the stratosphere, Hollywood star wise). This movie must’ve had an even lower budget than Teen Wolf as it is strictly a cash-in movie. What little it does have to offer is Jason Bateman. But even he couldn’t save this movie on his own, as it is essentially the same movie as Teen Wolf in which the Basketball court has been replaced by a boxing ring of all things.


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