Movie Reviews 7

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
I watched this movie years ago and thought that it was just OK. Nothing Special. As a result I wasn’t interested in the TV show when it first aired. I was prodded over the years by other fans of the show to give it a try as they thought I might like it, but I resisted until the show finished it’s run. Then I bought the first DVD set, thought it was great and have since watched and enjoyed each and every episode. So going back to the original movie was more an interest in seeing how it now compared to the show. I still think it’s just on OK movie. Aside from the basic premise of there being ‘Slayers’ and ‘Watchers’ and Buffy being this buoyant high school cheerleader, there isn’t much else that transitioned into the show. What-Ever!

Alien Trilogy
My memory of Alien is fond indeed as I will never forget watching in it’s initial run in theaters. The ‘feel’ of the movie was as unique as Giger’s alien creatures. I say ‘creatures’ not only for the multiple stages that the Alien evolved throughout, but also the great ‘facehugger’ sequence. Cinematic sound was also coming of age, and the soundtrack to Alien remains a testament to that development. Watching it again (for the umpteenth time), the original is still as good as it gets. The first sequel, Aliens, is still good, but not as satisfying. The third show on the card, Alien 3, was not nearly as entertaining as I remembered it. I did not pick up the ‘quadrilogy’ 4 movie set, so I’m going to have to wait before I see revisit “Alien Resurrection”.

Survival of the Dead (2009)
Billed as the third sequel to Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead” (and sequels “Dawn of the Dead” and “Day of the Dead”), some critics have not been too kind to ‘Survival’. While it sure has some oddities and is not always a conventional zombie movie, I still enjoyed it. A small island off the coast in which two feuding families (the Muldoon’s and the O’Flynn’s) have been the primary inhabitants is the setting. The patriarch of one family, who happens to be hand of law, believes that zombies can eventually be ‘saved’ by being taught to eat animals instead of people. The other side of the feuding parties opts for the ‘shoot them in the head’ approach. When group of militant survivalists get on the island, the fight gets nastier. What got me was the use of heavy Irish accents by the members of the two feuding families. Note: The island in question is off the coast of Pennsylvania (presumably lake Eerie!). Not your typical ‘Dead” movie, but enjoyable none the less.

Clear Lake, WI (2009)


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