Movie Reviews 6

The Mangler 2
I’m still not sure if I like this one. On the face of it, it’s just another ‘computer gone wild’ story and this one is overlaid with the cliché back to school group of kids. The ‘mangler’ effects (before the final scene) are as lame as you can get, just a bunch of wires sneaking around. But there are some positive points to the movie. Lance Henriksen for one. Even not as his best, he was able to whip up decent finale. And instead of just following the antics of the students around the school, great comic relief was provided by the distinctly Quebecois cafeteria cook (Philipe Bergeron). Not sure how the Tabarnac and Hostie’s played with non-Canadian viewers, but I loved it. Most of the acting is horrid and dialog is lame, but in the end I seemed to care when my DVD skipped a section of the movie, and I guess that does mean something.

Immaculate imagery and vivid colors. Spectacular visuals and action filled scenes. Eloquent posing and futuristic architecture. All this and Mila Jojovich. Now if only they could have put together a decent story around all this stylistic content. Once all the visuals have sunk in, the realizations that the movie is an absolute bore comes as a shock.

There are many quirky things going on here, and all of them are good. May is former abused child that clings to her favorite boxed doll to console her as she tries to deal with the real world. As a veterinarian assistant she begins to nurture her obsession to bloody scrapes and cuts. Thwarted in love of neighborhood mechanic whose hands she adores, she even flirts with lesbianism with a coworker. But being spurned again, she succumbs to her final fantasy.

Strange Days
It’s been a long time since I watched this great movie, almost to the point that it was all new to me. The science fiction element of being able to record peoples actual life experiences and then having the ability to play them back, all illegal activities, is the basis for a political and social revolution. The superb cast featuring Ralph Fiennes and Angela Basset make this fast paced thriller a great ride. I wasn’t surprised to see that James Cameron was one of the writers and that recent academy award winner Kathryn Bigelow directed this mid 90’s flick.


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