Movie Reviews 4

Bloody Murder
OK the chainsaw wielding nutcase wearing the goalie mask didn’t inspire creativity but I took a chance on this DVD anyhow betting that there would be something of a story buried in there somewhere. I was wrong. The rehash of a bunch summer camp guards getting ready for the kids to arrive in the town where legend has it a psycho once stalked the grounds is a stale as it gets. The mysterious history of some of the teens combined with spurned love, and you just know that they’ll stop dropping dead, one by one, was as true to form as expected. They tried setting up to look like particular kids were behind it all, but I wasn’t buying. I have to admit that the final culprit was a bit of a surprise, but only because the story of the others was so improbable, that they could have just called out anyone as the ‘bad guy’. Boring.

The Brother from Another Planet
A quirky 70’s science fiction movie in which an alien lands in New York and for all but his feet, looks like an African American male. This is of course a lot of social commentary in the movie, but it’s also good for a few laughs. If nothing else, the retro 70’s artifacts were nostalgic for me. Not too nostalgic though. Some things are best left in the 70’s.

Jennifer’s Body
Wow. I did not have high expectations for this movie starring Megan Fox, but a recent review in Rue Morgue mag, was right. She CAN act. But it’s Amanda Seyfried that steals the show in this Diablo Cody penned movie about two polar opposite girl friends in high school who run into some nasties. I don’t even want to say much more so as not to spoil it.

The Unborn
A decent ghost story highlighted by newcomer Odette Yustman. The CGI overdoes the 360 degree swirling head gimmick, but there are enough twists and turns to keep the movie going.

The notion of a child gone bad is nothing new to horror fans, but Orphan adds a nice twist after we get to see all the nastiness that our little angelic orphan has to offer her new parents. For one thing, not all members of the household are in her sights. She’s got something special in mind for popa. The thrill in these movies is seeing how the nasty child adapts and reacts to obstacles thrown in their way and mucking up their plans. But in this case the goal of the plan is as surprising as the journey.


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