Movie Reviews 2

Spider Baby
An weird Jack Hill movie staring Lon Chaney Jr. (billed only as Lon Chaney) in which he does a fairly decent acting job unlike many of his other roles. Chaney is the caretaker to 3 young adults who aren’t quite up to snuff in the thinking department. They are the children of the former homeowner who has passed away. Aside from the occasional accidental murder of mail delivery personnel, Chaney keeps close tabs on the kids to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble. But all bets are off when an uncle and aunt come looking to get a hold of house as the last living members of the family. Chaney has to make sure the young kids don’t get to play their ‘spider’ game which usually ends up with dead people. Be sure to check out a very young Sid Haig as well.

666:Demon Child
The DVD has this neat picture on the back of the box of a small devil baby in silhouette showing little devil horns and a flailing tail. But the box art is about the only thing good about the movie. The real ‘devil’ baby in the movie is a lame plastic rubber piece that the actors have to jerk around themselves to make it seem that it is alive while it attacks its victims. The victims are a hopeless bunch of ‘scientists’ that are out to solve a mystery of some odd artifacts. Unfortunately we never get the real story of the artifacts and most of the film is shot around the Winnebago camper the scientists are traveling in. So it gets pretty dull and predictable after the first attack.

The Mist
One of the better Stephen King adaptations to hit the screen. Genuinely spooky and creepy with characters you will either love or hate. It will have you too wondering just was  there in that mist. Watch it until the very end.

The Spirit
The dismal failure at the box office and harsh reviews could not dissuade me from watching this movie, but I did have brace myself for the inevitable brain flogging. How could the movie be that bad? Sure Frank Miller is no director, but as one of the most celebrated comic writers of all time, surely the story itself would be good. And he did get credit for co-directing Sin City, although we all know that was again really for the work he did on the comic. But the art in Sin City was a large part of it’s success and clearly Miller adapted the same style for Spirit, so it could not be that bad, right? Well, yes it could. The Spirit IS a feast for the eyes but there really isn’t much of story to back in up. And inexplicably, the writing falls flat for the most part. The result is that even actors like Scarlett Johansson and Samuel Jackson can’t carry of some of the lame dialogue. I’m still glad I watched the movie, but much of little enjoyment I got was finally being able to see Will Eisner’s seminal character come to life. I can’t imagine any non-comic fan enjoying the movie. Too bad.

Blackwater Valley Exorcism
The quintesential movie on Exorcism was made made in 1973 and it was called “The Exorcist”. Everything I’ve seen even coming near to the topic of exorcism in cinema since then has paled in comparison and have inevitably ripped of scenes, setting, plot and even dialog. I sometimes wonder why I even bother watching other exorcism movies and this one was no different. Even a small role by Jeffrey Combs could not help. (Damn, he was hard to pick out right away without the glasses and with a different voice!) Exorcise this movie from your ‘want to see’ list.

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