Movie Reviews 1

A few movies I watched recently…

The Hidden / The Hidden2
I was a fan of the Hidden when I first saw it as it was released on VHS. It was a cool story and had a good cast. An alien (Kyle MacLachlan) comes to Earth in search of another of his kind that is a murderer. The aliens, which look like giant slugs, inhabit human bodies. The good alien shows up as a cop in the midst of a murder spree and is assigned to help a human cop (Michael Nouri) solve the crimes. The rampaging alien does crazy, out in the open crimes since he/it does not care one bit about the body of the human performing the crimes. So there are broad daylight robberies and murders. The human cop can’t figure it out but suspects that his partner knows much more than he is telling. B5 fans will enjoy a sequence where the alien takes over the body of Claudia Christian who plays a stripper. There is also a bit part played by Return of the Living Dead alum Clu Gulager.
The sequel is not nearly as good as the original, but follows up years later on the events in the final moments of the original. But as a sequel, it could have been worse.

Lawnmower Man / Lawnmower Man 2: Jobe’s War
It had been so long since I’d seen the original that the double DVD intrigued me. A scientist (Pierce Brosnan) dabbling in virtual reality systems for an evil corporation also uses drugs to augment the immersion process. He also happens to do a bit of experimenting on the local village idiot who mows lawns. Things get freaky as the ‘lawnmower man’ becomes a savant. The whole virtual reality thing was a craze back in the day and promised to be the next big thing in computing. It suffered the flying car syndrome and never really attained the promised goods. If you can forgive the now very dated special effects, it’s not a bad movie. The sequel sucks big time. Utterly forgettable.

Eight Legged Freaks
I skipped this one entirely when it came out to much acclaim in the theaters a few years ago. It seemed like a brainless FX laden summer movie for kids and not much else. Which seemed like just the sort of movie I was looking for to enjoy with my son the other night. Fit the bill perfectly. Just a bunch of Giant CGI spiders wreaking havoc on a secluded little town. Seeing Scarlett Johansson in this flick was a plus.

I saw the trailer for this on another Maple DVD quite a while back. It looked like a great Zombie movie. It’s an Aussie flick in which a bunch of space meteors hit a town and starts changing the residents into the undead. The FX are above average and it all promises to be a fun movie. But in the end it falls a bit short namely because the story never really settles into whether it should be a comedy or something else. Every time it seemed like the story knew where it was going it went into new territory. Not the fault of the actors as they were top notch. Still good for a viewing as it does have a lot to offer. Just disappointing because it could have been such a better movie.



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