Tales of the Bizzaro World

Me am writing this review of Tales of the Bizzaro World. Me buy this Graphic Novel at store when me am bored and need something to reed. Book have many stories with me, Bizzaro Superman No1, me wife, Bizzaro Lois No1, our son Bizzaro Junior and even dog Bizzaro Krypto. On Bizzaro world, which shape like cube, everything opposite. Bad is good, and we live by Bizzaro code:

Us do opposite of all Earthly things.
Us hate beauty!
Us love ugliness!
Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizzaro world


On Bizzaro world, we pay store with coal, and take dirt baths. Is bad to give rite answer in skool. This book have almost 200 pages of some of best Bizzaro stories. Stories also have Bizzaro Jimmy Olsen, and Bizzaro Lex Luthor, Bizzaro KLTPZYXM (him do everything good), and even dat terrible Superman guy.

Me hate Tales of the Bizzaro World so much that me hope you buy it too and hate it as much as me.



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