This Bloging thing

So this is my first Blog post. I guess I should explain why I’m here in the first place.

I’ve been contemplating entering the Blogsphere for some time. I’m hoping that it can fill in the gap to my many other online posting habits that, while valuable in their own right, do not present a unified, one-stop, all encompassing information repository that I want. You can find me on most of the familiar hangouts like Facebook and LinkedIn, and also on my favourite Science Fiction forum, The Website at the End of the Universe, as well as a few other places. But I often post things there that I want to share universally, and not oblige readers to create accounts for simple and quick access. So what I hope to create here is a place to organize some of those existing gems of intuition and thoughts as well a create a place of other hobbies and interests of mine. These include my participation in Planet of the Apes fandom, rocketry, Horror and Science fiction (books, movies, etc), comics, and even some good old fashioned electronics tinkering.

So stick around and see how it goes.


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